Greenway received CNAS laboratory accreditation certificate


  In December 2021, an extensive monitoring audit took place at Guangdong        Greenway Technology Co.,Ltd. in Dongguan, China. As a result, the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) formally issued a CNAS laboratory accreditation certificate (certificate number: CNAS L15666) to Greenway batteries with a six-year validity.

  The accreditation was issued for 65 different testing capabilities for 3 international and national standards including the UN38.3, GB31241-2014, GB/T36972-2018.

  Greenway is operating in strict accordance with CNAS-CL01 (ISO/IEC 17025). The audited tests mainly concern battery pack reliability, safety, and electrical performance testing, many of them are compulsory for the manufacturing and transporting of lithium batteries. The uniformed tests further serve the company for their continuous improvement process of Greenway battery packs.

  For the time being, similar certificates have been issued by CNAS to a total of 65 institutions, such as certification bodies, laboratories, and inspection agencies, in 50 countries and regions around the world.





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