Social responsibility
Social responsibility

Talent Development

Greenway always strives to create jobs, continue to expand the scale of employment, enhance school-enterprise cooperation to absorb college talents, and provide highly matching jobs and competitive salary and benefits.

Green Concept

We adhere to the values of green and sustainable development, deeply cultivate the culture of enterprise safety and environmental protection, build a safe, environmentally friendly and healthy "Da'an Environment" management system, innovate and explore systematic, refined and scientific environmental protection methods, adopt efficient, intelligent, precise and energy-saving technical means, and run the concept of safety, environmental protection and health through R&D, design, production, service, supply chain and other links to achieve a harmonious win-win situation of promoting green development of the industry, healthy happiness of employees and contributing to social responsibility.

Social responsibility
Social responsibility

Social good

The company carries forward the spirit of fraternity, practices responsibility, organizes employees to carry out voluntary blood donation activities, and dedicates love with practical actions to help social welfare undertakings.

Employee Care

We have carried out humanistic care activities in various forms and contents to create a comfortable working atmosphere for employees and better enjoy work and life. We innovate the education and training system, encourage the acquisition of vocational qualifications, smooth career development channels, establish a long-term talent incentive mechanism, and improve the multi-level talent cultivation mechanism to help each employee continue to explore their own infinite possibilities.

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