We passed the Panasonic NCR18650BD nail penetration test


June 8, 2016, on the test spot of Shenzhen TUV, witnessed by Japan Panasonic technical representative and HK Panasonic group, the electrical motorcycle batteries provided by R&D group from Greenway Battery Company perfectly passed the slow nail penetration test of Japan Panasonic.

According to penetration test data, Greenway's battery was more difficult to pass the test. But Greenway's group was brave enough to challenge hard and highly required projects. Form CEO to technical group, they all united as one, finished their work accordingly and cooperated with others. After several failures, Greenway finally overcame technical barriers in three months. 

Taking the opportunity of this successful project, Greenway technical group has applied 5 patents for invention, 1 new practical patent, 1 appearance patent.

Nail penetration test for cell is to test battery pack with specified nail according to corresponding country’s or industrial requirements. The ideal result is that the pierced cell would smoke or burn, while other cells can work normally. The purpose of nail penetration test is to make sure that hard strike on battery or broke of single cell won’t influence the work of whole battery pack or trigger safety accident in their daily use, which is particularly important for battery pack of electro car and motorcycle, etc. The battery packs that can pass nail penetration test are superior to normal pack in material, craft, designing and manufacturing. And the safety of this pack would increase greatly with relatively high cost.


Note: Nail penetration test of Panasonic is the top requirement of this test






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