Our Self-balancing Scooter Battery Has Passed the UL 2271 Certification


According to the latest news of UL official website, Greenway Company has passed the UL2271 lithium-ion battery test and got UL2271 authentication certificate. Then Greenway has become the first batch of battery producer that passed this certification. This progress also injects a full stream of positive energy into self-balancing scooter and swing car industry.

UL is so strict with its certified products. It stipulates that: products with UL marks must pass preliminary production check with the presence of one UL representative before shipment; preliminary production check aims to make sure that the production spot could produce qualified products to suit the UL requirements. And products with UL marks are forbidden to loading before UL preliminary production check.

CPSC announced that all self-balancing scooter ( includes swing car ) intended to produce, import and sell in America must conform to new safety standards which including UL2272 Circuitry Certification Standard for self-balancing scooter and UL2271 Lithium-ion Battery Standard for self-balancing scooter. UL certification has become a fundamental step for self-balancing scooter exported to America market, also become one of the necessary condition for self-balancing scooter to sale in Amazon again.

As a core using in light electric vehicle (LEV) applications, the safety of lithium-ion battery can’t be ignored. Greenway is a company that has been focusing on the design and manufacture of lithium-ion battery. During the past decade, Greenway’s products have nearly covered all major application industries of lithium-ion battery and dozens of sub-industries. And these products have successively passed Rosh, CE, FCC, UL, CB and PSE certification. Greenway’s business involves all parts of customized battery products including structure design, mould, injection molding, development of BMS, selection of cell, automatic SMT, assembly test and professional lab test and verification.



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