Maevings electric motorcycle with 2 x 2.4kWh Greenway battery


British startup Maeving introduced their vintage style electric RM1 in December 2021. The company was founded by university friends Seb Inglis-Jones and Will Stirrup and, by today first units are already driving on the roads.

The silent classic roadster with stand-of-the-art technology features DM333, a Greenway battery with 42Ah, 57.4V. The vehicle offers a dual battery technology, that gives a full range of almost 130km (80 miles).

Your choice is to ride with one or two batteries, depending on the needed riding distance. Both batteries can be removed and charged on an external household plug with the according charger within maximum of 4 hours. Maeving offers 3 years guarantee on the 12kg .

Charge on.


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