How to do a crush test.


  Testing the finished products for safety is key for #Greenway batteries. If a new battery pack is developed the design is modified until it meets the latest international standards and regulations to ensure safety.

  For the EU market, the EN 15194 standard applies. This is referenced in the Machinery Directive as a mandatory requirement for the CE conformity declaration of pedelecs for the EU market. Since shortly it references exclusively to the battery safety standard EN 50604-1. This battery safety standard describes a series of different compulsory test processes.

  Three different aspects of battery technology are crucial for the safety of the battery pack: mechanical, electrical and thermal.

  Today we will share insights about one of the processes:


  A mechanical test that simulates the impact of an external force at a vehicle crash or the dropping of the battery pack.

  A standardized stamp is forced into the fully charged battery at 15 mm/s. After either exceeding a peak force on the test stamp of 1000 times weight-force or 50 % deformation whatever comes first, the test ends.

  After 6 hours the test is successfully passed if the battery housing shows no rupture, fire or disassembly, like the Greenway battery pack in the photo.

  Greenway battery successfully passed the crush test with the battery model: ZZ625.

  Safety first - always!



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