Greenway was certified by customs AEO to further promote the development of import and export business of enterprises


On February 5th, 2021,Guangdong Greenway Technology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the audit of Huangpu Customs of the People's Republic of China with strict and standardized internal control and operation management and became a customs AEO certification enterprise. Which promote the steady development of Greenway's global import and export trade with high standards of compliance.

This is also a new leap for Greenway to keep in line with international AEO standards and fully implement the global internationalization strategy, laying a foundation for Greenway's high credit and high-quality corporate image to be transmitted to the global and international markets.

During the preparation process of customs AEO certification, the customs went deep into the company to provide assistance and guidance, which created favorable conditions for Greenway to pass the certification.For instance, optimizing a series of systems and processes, such as import and export activities, container safety, transportation vehicle safety and personnel safety, and make SOP, management and records of standard operation procedures on site, so as to ensure that the supply chain trade is safe, recordable and traceable for every ticket of goods entering and leaving. From the enterprise system to the process of the actual operation, the customs guided the relevant personnel of the enterprise to continuously improve their management level in the process of learning customs AEO standards. Passing the AEO certification audit is also the recognition of the internal management and compliance of Greenway by the customs, and it also shows that the company's standardized management has achieved remarkable results. The measure has laid a solid foundation for the company to further explore the international market, better serve for global customers and enhance its international competitiveness. "Bring green batteries to every family and every country, and make the earth clean!" . This is not only a slogan, but also the constant pursuit and mission of Greenway.

What is AEO certified enterprise

AEO(Authorized Economic Operator), a general name for high-credit enterprises in customs of all countries in the world, is a system advocated by the World Customs Organization (WCO), aiming at realizing the trade security and convenience of the global supply chain by building a partnership between customs and business circles. Customs AEO certification enterprise is an international trade enterprise with the highest credit rating, certification standard and strong professionalism recognized by many customs in the world.

As an AEO certification standard enterprise, it can enjoy the dividend policy released by customs credit management, improve customs clearance treatment in international trade, shorten customs clearance time and reduce costs, thus further improving the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises in international trade. When AEO certified enterprises export goods to countries (regions) with mutual recognition of AEO, they enjoy a number of preferential measures, such as fast customs clearance, guarantee clearance and consolidated taxation.


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