Greenway participated in China Cycle 2021


Post 1  -- May  posted on 2.6.

Thank you #Chinacycle2021 for a fantastic event! 

We had great talks with clients and partners at the China International Bicycle Fair in Shanghai in May 2021.

Our insights from the Shanghai Show are, that the market further develops towards miniaturization and integration of the drive components for light electric vehicles.

Greenway is dedicated to further enhance the “energy density ratio of the battery pack” says Allen Yang, Greenway's product manager for the ebike battery division. Greenway uses state-of-the-art 21700 cells and mechanical engineering that highly focuses on space-optimization, under the constraints of mass manufacturing to design the housing even millimeters smaller. For instance, Greenways NZ533 with dimensions of 446.5 x 48 x 48mm features 530Wh in an integrated down-tube battery.

A hub battery was also introduced in the Shanghai show. The NZ722 is integrated in the front or rear hub and runs on 36V with a max. capacity of 7Ah. It is according to EN15194 and therefore ready to be integrated!


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