Greenway’s service powerhouse - the Belgium Service Center


  Sustainability is key for Greenway. The company delivers high-quality products and has a dedicated after-sales service center, located close to the customer in Temse, Belgium.


  A team of 6 qualified employees runs the Greenway European Service Center. “Every problem from a customer we consider a big issue”, a Greenway service manager states. “Our service team is well-trained and each member that answers our service phone or email has deep knowledge about the batteries” he adds.


  Having many years of experience in Service Management the Belgian Greenway engineer is committed to continuously improve customer satisfaction. Next to the actual repair he also gets in touch with Greenway's business clients with an open ear to understand the clients' needs and solutions for steady business improvement.


  The Belgium center has an open chat line with the team in China. Thus, there is a constant information flow and market feedback to further improve the housings, frame mounting, system integration, and battery management of new battery developments. Batteries are sent in from all over Europe, so the team sees a lot of different issues.


  80% of the batteries returned are due to wrong battery handling by the user. For instance, batteries that are not charged after the usage for several months can end up deep discharged - that is a common failure. Sometimes users confuse the sides of the batteries and create a short circuit, by putting their key into the charging port. If batteries with such failures or batteries with 4+ years arrive at the Service Center, the Greenway team is carefully considering if it is economically responsible to actually repair the battery.


  “If a battery is sent in with a broken cell, but we know the model has an issue with the charging port, we also repair the charging port,” says Greenway service engineer “so our goal is to make sure a battery never comes back twice.”

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