Rated Capacity: 607Wh (Battery Cell: Dongci 2600mAh battery cells)
Inverter: Pure sine wave
Output Port: USB-A  x3 (5V 2.4A x2)
                     TYPE-C X1(PD 60W max)
                     AC X2(600W output power ,1200W surge Power)
Car port: 12V-14V 10A max
DC input: 12V-14V 4A max
Solar Charge: DC (8 mm)  10~30V /200W Max/10A Max
Input Port: 230V 80W
LCD Indicator: 5 levels fuel gauge
                        6 icons (AC, USB, DC, Type-C, error warning & high temp warning)
LED Light: Yes
Size: 200*200*250mm
Weight: 10.48KGS

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