Two wheeled battery manufacturers take you to understand the advantages of lead-acid batteries


Two wheeled battery manufacturers tell you that lead-acid batteries can be said to be the "originator" of batteries, and are currently the batteries with the highest market share. These batteries are commonly used in small electric vehicles such as two-wheeled, three-wheeled, and four-wheeled vehicles.

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The two wheeled battery manufacturer tells you that the materials and process of lead-acid batteries are relatively simple, and the process is very mature. The later maintenance cost is low, relatively safe, and the secondary utilization rate is high. Therefore, the recovery rate of second-hand lead-acid batteries is very high. Two wheeled battery manufacturers tell you that the overall cost is low, and it is the cheapest of several batteries, so it is widely used in various vehicles.
The two wheeled battery manufacturer tells you that its main advantage is high cost performance, but correspondingly, it is larger in size, takes up more space in the vehicle, and heavier in weight. The durability and battery life are average. At the same time, the battery contains a lot of lead. If the treatment is not good, there will be certain pollution to the environment.

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