How to start LEV Battery without power


The method of starting the LEV Battery without power is as follows:
1. Borrowing car wiring bridge start method: LEV Battery manufacturer tells you that this method can be used regardless of whether it is a manual transmission or an automatic transmission model. First open the front covers of the two cars, connect the negative pole of the charging cable to the negative pole of the car, and connect the other end to the negative pole of the other car. Also connect the positive pole of the charging cable to the positive pole of the car, and the other end to the positive pole of the other car. Then let the opponent's car start the ignition, step on the gas pedal empty, and then get into the car and try to start the ignition. If the battery is really low, the car should start quickly. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes after cranking to allow the alternator to recharge itself. After starting the fire, first remove the positive pole of the opponent's car, and then remove the line on the car.

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2. External traction start: The manufacturer of LEV Battery tells you that you must first have an interpreted traction rope to bind the front and rear of the two vehicles firmly. Then you can start towing and starting. Of course, start slowly to ensure the speed of the two vehicles, and pay attention to driving safety at the same time. When the vehicle behind starts, notify the vehicle in front in time, and then slowly approach the roadside to stop.
3. Cart start method; LEV Battery manufacturer tells you that this method can only be used for manual transmission cars. Turn the key to the ignition position, step on the clutch, release the handbrake, the gear is in 1st or 2nd gear, step on the clutch, start pushing the car, when the speed reaches 5 km/h, slowly release the clutch, and step on the accelerator, The car starts.

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