How long does it usually take for LEV Battery to be replaced


The manufacturer of LEV Battery tells you that many people buy a small car and don’t drive it every day. Due to work or business conditions, they will put the car away for a while when they have time. After a long time of storage, the battery will lose power. A small power loss will not have a great impact on the battery. As long as the car is started, it will automatically recharge. If the battery is severely damaged, the battery will be shortened in advance. service life.

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The manufacturer of LEV Battery tells you that car batteries are generally replaced every 3 to 5 years. It is recommended that car owners check the internal resistance and voltage of the battery during each maintenance. If the internal resistance and voltage do not reach the specified values, it means that the battery needs to be repaired. replace.
The manufacturer of LEV Battery tells you that the battery is an important part of the car. When the engine is not started, the battery supplies power to the entire vehicle's electronic equipment, and the battery is also responsible for starting the engine. The manufacturer of LEV Battery tells you that after starting the engine, the engine will drive the generator to run. When the generator is running, it can supply power to electronic equipment and charge the battery. Car battery refers to storage battery, which is an indispensable part of the car, and can be divided into traditional lead-acid battery and maintenance-free battery.

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