How long is the life of Kick scooter battery


The Kick scooter battery will have obvious vulcanization reaction after 12 hours of use. Timely charging can remove the vulcanization phenomenon. If it is not charged in time, vulcanization crystals will accumulate and gradually produce coarse crystals, which will affect the battery life of the electric scooter.

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1. The Kick scooter battery needs to be replaced after about 3 years of normal use.
2. If you don’t ride for a long time, for example, if you want to leave it at home for a month or two, it’s best to fully charge it, or even if you don’t ride it, you have to take it out and charge it for a month. Long-term storage of lithium batteries will cause power feeding , Do not ride on rainy days, the battery is on the pedal, which is relatively close to the scene, and it is easy to get water.
Precautions for using electric scooters:
The Kick scooter battery manufacturer tells you not to wash the car with water when the power is turned on, as this will damage the scooter and threaten personal safety. Please make sure that water cannot enter the inside of the machine.
The manufacturer of Kick scooter battery tells you that you must store it reasonably when placing it. Don’t let it be placed in a place exposed to sunlight or rain and rain. Avoid exposure to sunlight and rain. After all, it is an electronic nature. Products must ensure their safety performance.



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